Oct 272015

So you ran do-release-upgrade but it didn’t work?


sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get install update-manager-core
sudo do-release-upgrade

Some useful logs are located under /var/log/dist-upgrade/ and I bet you are going to find there something along these lines:

Error authenticating some packages

It was not possible to authenticate some packages. This may be a transient network problem. You may want to try again later. See below for a list of unauthenticated packages


Temporary workaround, create file


filled with the following


Now your sudo do-release-upgrade should run OK

Make sure to remove this file once upgrade process is completed.

And if this helped don’t forget to leave a comment 😉


  20 Responses to “upgrading Ubuntu 10.04 to 12.04 error authenticating some packages”

  1. Thank you guy 🙂

  2. great !

  3. Thank you – I was getting the same “Error authenticating some packages” problem. Following your procedures allowed us to upgrade a critical server successfully.

  4. Thanks. This helped with CVE-2015-7547 critical vulnerability

  5. […] I found a fix at http://sysadm.mielnet.pl/upgrading-ubuntu-10-04-to-12-04-error-authenticating-some-packages/: […]

  6. Thanks for this. It has brought 3 hours of head scratching to an end!

    I was seeing the following message: “ERROR Unauthenticated packages found ” in /var/log/dist-upgrade/main.log after unsuccessfully trying a do-release-upgrade on an EOL lucid box.

  7. thanks doggggggggggg been fighting with this old ass mail server for a minute you da man

  8. Thanks man! Upgrade running…


  9. Life saving information there – thanks!

  10. thank you!

  11. Thank you very much! I was clueless and now I finally could upgrade my Ubuntu from 10.04 to 12.04

  12. worked a treat! Thank you .. time will tell ie once the relaease upgrade is complete, if there are any major flaws introduced by this. Fingers crossed!

  13. Updating obsolete 10.04 lucid to Precise and then to Trusty ..works great !! Thumbs Up (y)

  14. Thanks from Dorset, UK; still useful for the odd 10.04 installation that’s around.

    • Thanks for leaving note. Amazing to learn that people still stumble upon this post and it actually saves them some time.

      All the best wishes from PL.

  15. Thanks man!

  16. […] Nach ziemlich langer Suche (weswegen ich das jetzt hier lieber festhalte) fand ich dann diesen Beitrag im Netz: https://sysadm.mielnet.pl/upgrading-ubuntu-10-04-to-12-04-error-authenticating-some-packages/ […]

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