Feb 102016

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I’ve got Centos 7 based Bacula installation with storage daemon writing to file volumes located on ZFS filesystem. Chown’ing filesystem to user bacula was not enough, SElinux being SElinux didn’t particularly like bacula writing to location chosen by me (/tank/backup) as it expects Bacula to write to /bacula by default.

Lets identify available Bacula contexts and re-label /tank/backup accordingly

# semanage fcontext -l | grep bacula
 /bacula(/.*)? all files system_u:object_r:bacula_store_t:s0
 /etc/bacula.* all files system_u:object_r:bacula_etc_t:s0
 /var/bacula(/.*)? all files system_u:object_r:bacula_store_t:s0
 /var/lib/bacula.* all files system_u:object_r:bacula_var_lib_t:s0
 /var/log/bacula.* all files system_u:object_r:bacula_log_t:s0
 /var/run/bacula.* regular file system_u:object_r:bacula_var_run_t:s0
 /usr/sbin/bacula.* regular file system_u:object_r:bacula_exec_t:s0
 /var/spool/bacula.* all files system_u:object_r:bacula_spool_t:s0
 /var/spool/bacula/log(/.*)? all files system_u:object_r:var_log_t:s0
 /etc/rc\.d/init\.d/bacula.* regular file system_u:object_r:bacula_initrc_exec_t:s0
 /usr/sbin/bat regular file system_u:object_r:bacula_admin_exec_t:s0
 /usr/sbin/bconsole regular file system_u:object_r:bacula_admin_exec_t:s0

Ahh OK, so it’s called “system_u:object_r:bacula_store_t:s0” – lets apply it

chcon system_u:object_r:bacula_store_t:s0 /tank/backup
semanage fcontext -a -t bacula_store_t "/tank/backup(/.*)?"
restorecon -R -v /tank/backup

Same will work if your Centos 7 client will refuse to restore data to /bacula-restores, with message in server log:

26-Sep 14:40 death-star JobId 24822: Error: mkpath.c:138 Cannot create directory /bacula-restores/backup: ERR=Permission denied

and message in client log:

type=AVC msg=audit(1474897201.721:307): avc:  denied  { write } for  pid=26477 comm="bacula-fd" name="bacula-restores" dev="vda1" ino=159551617 scontext=system_u:system_r:bacula_t:s0 tcontext=unconfined_u:object_r:default_t:s0 tclass=dir

Simply run:

chcon system_u:object_r:bacula_store_t:s0 /bacula-restores
semanage fcontext -a -t bacula_store_t "/bacula-restores(/.*)?"
restorecon -R -v /bacula-restores
ls -lZ /

and now your restore job will run just fine. Magic.

  7 Responses to “Bacula and SElinux denying access when writing to non-standard location”

  1. Fantastic! Thank you. SELINUX context is lost in a new bacula install, if you plan to keep using old data on the storage. So the steps above re-label it and saved the day!

  2. Awesome, spent half a day trying to figure this out until I got to trying new keywords in google and landed here.

    Problem solved 5 minutes later, you have my thanks!

    Plus, it got me to understand what SELinux is.

  3. it helped me a lote

  4. This was extremely helpful to me also. Thank you!

  5. Me salvo la vida !!! Gracias

  6. You’re my hero ! Thanks, I have lost 2 hours, and without you maybe more !

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