May 202015

Once MCP repo configured (see this ) we start deploying HP add-ons

apt-get install hp-health hp-snmp-agents hpacucli hpsmh

Note, repo is for Wheezy so certain things are unsurprisingly broken, hp-snmp-agents among them – this depends on package libsnmp15 that is no longer available. Thanks to this post we can still make it working:

apt-get download  hp-snmp-agents
dpkg-deb --raw-extract hp-snmp-agents_9. hp-snmp-agents_9.
vim hp-snmp-agents_9.
# swap "libsnmp15 (>= 5.4.1~dfsg)" with "libsnmp30|libsnmp-base"
dpkg-deb --build hp-snmp-agents_9. hp-snmp-agents_9.
dpkg -i hp-snmp-agents_9.
/etc/init.d/hp-snmp-agents start